Committee D09 Scope

Staff Manager: Alyson Fick

Committee Scope

The development of test methods, practices, definitions, and specifications and the promotion of knowledge and research relating to solid and solidifying fluid electrical insulating materials.
The principal materials included are grades designed primarily for electrical insulating or dielectric purposes of the following: varnishes and resins; reinforced, laminated, filled and unfilled thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics; metal-clad dielectrics; ceramics, glass, and mica; embedment resins, compounds, and waxes; coated, extruded, cast, and calendared sheet, tape, and tubing; organic and inorganic papers, coated and uncoated; plastic, resin, paper, fiber, thermoset, rubber and ceramic insulation for wire; thermoplastic and thermosetting insulation, jacket, and semi- conducting materials for insulated wire and cable.
Within the scope are standards for the evaluation of all electrical, mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties needed to define these materials, either alone or in simple combinations representative of the way these materials are combined in use; and of the effects upon the properties of these materials, or combinations, of operating environments including the presence of heat, thermal shock, vibration, outer space conditions, and ionizing radiation.
Electrical Test Methods may include procedures for measurement at direct voltage and at all frequencies, including optical frequencies.
Standards for Insulated Conductors, including Fiber Optics, are within the scope insofar as these standards evaluate properties of the electrical insulation and jacket materials.
This scope does not include materials that are fluid in normal use except of their use as controlled ambients or impregnants for testing purposes.
Work in overlapping areas will be coordinated with other interested committees.