Committee B08 Scope

Staff Manager: Jennifer Tursi

Committee Scope

The scope of the Committee is (1) metallic and inorganic coatings on products and (2) electroformed materials and products. The scope includes: (1) development and preparation of specifications, methods of tests, practices, guides, definitions, and terminology applicable to the properties of the coatings and electroforms, to their performance in use and test, and to the processes and materials used to produce them, (2) organization and presentation of relevant symposia and other meetings for the dissemination and exchange of technical information and (3) publication of Special Technical Publications and other special documents.
Coatings covered in the scope include, but are not limited to, those produced by electroplating, autocatalytic (electroless) plating, immersion plating, vacuum processes (such as vacuum metallizing, sputtering, and ion plating), chemical conversion (such as chromating, phosphating, and black oxide), anodic oxidation (such as anodization of aluminium, magnesium, and zinc),hot dipping (such as with molten tin, tin-lead alloy and zinc), thermal coating processes (such as flame spray, chemical vapor deposition, plasma spray, and detonation coating), porcelain enamel and ceramic-metal coatings fused at temperatures greater than 427 C (800 F). Excluded from the above scope are sheet, wire, and tin mill products.