IES Standards on ASTM Compass®

Accessing IES Standards

Discover the extensive range of standards from the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) on ASTM Compass. IES, with a rich heritage in lighting and illumination standards, significantly aids in ensuring quality and innovation in lighting projects.

Leverage ASTM Compass to access a wide array of IES publications, either individually or as part of a tailored solution. The platform's advanced annotation tools streamline workflows, fostering a collaborative environment among lighting professionals.

Digital access to IES standards via ASTM Compass ensures you are working with the most up-to-date standards, a critical aspect in maintaining project accuracy and compliance.

Benefits of Digital Access to IES Standards

By accessing IES standards on ASTM Compass you’ll easily navigate complex lighting projects with a greater degree of confidence and accuracy.

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Advancing Your Projects with IES Standards

In a global lighting industry, the challenge often lies in accessing reliable and updated technical standards. The absence of a centralized platform may lead to inconsistent quality checks, impacting the final product quality adversely. ASTM Compass addresses this hurdle by providing a number of tools to help you innovate.

Gain all of the advantages of ASTM Compass, your trusted gateway to IES standards, propelling your lighting projects towards excellence.

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