API Standards on ASTM Compass®

Accessing API Standards

Uncover a rich repository of standards from the American Petroleum Institute (API) on ASTM Compass. API, a cornerstone in standard-setting, ensures operational safety, environmental protection, and sustainability within the oil and gas sector.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has developed over 800 standards to enhance operational safety, environmental protection, and other vital aspects in the oil and gas industry. These standards cover a broad range of topics including but not limited to drilling, refining, chemical processing, and transportation of petroleum products.

Benefits of Digital Access to API Standards

ASTM Compass is your platform for accessing a wide range of API standards and publications. Customize the content to suit your project requirements and work smarter from a single platform. The availability of API standards on ASTM Compass enhances your project's adherence to safety and quality benchmarks.

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API standards, easily searched on ASTM Compass, cater to various domains within the oil and gas industry, facilitating a robust framework for professionals to navigate through complex projects with precision.

Advancing Your Projects with API Standards

In a global industry where adherence to technical standards is paramount, challenges arise when there is not reliable access to technical standards, which can lead to inconsistencies in project execution. The lack of a centralized platform for standards like those from API could result in delayed timelines and potential compromises in quality.

ASTM Compass solves these challenges by offering seamless access to API standards, providing you consistency and quality assurance. Gain all the advantages of ASTM Compass and propel your projects towards global compliance and excellence.

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