Subcommittee F48.03 on Task Performance and Environmental Considerations

Matching Standards Under the Jurisdiction of F48.03 by Status

  • WK76543 Lower Extremity Exoskeleton Locomotion Transitions

  • WK75742 Exoskeleton Use: Mobility Over Variable Terrains

  • WK76431 Exoskeleton Use: Stairs

  • WK84258 Exoskeleton Use: Inclined Planes

  • WK84262 Exoskeleton Use: Ladders

  • WK86692 Assessment Method for Exoskeletons in Logistics: Box and Bag Handling

  • WK83361 Measurement Protocols for Efficient and Reliable Exoskeleton Testing and Evaluation

  • WK90015 Assessment Method for Exoskeletons in Tool Handling: Car Assembly, Construction (drywall and rail systems) and Welding

  • WK83509 Exoskeleton Use: Crawling

  • WK81267 Exoskeleton Use: Confined Space: Vertical Movement

Withdrawn, Replaced