Subcommittee F48.02 on Human Factors and Ergonomics

Matching Standards Under the Jurisdiction of F48.02 by Status

  • WK75978 Standard Guide and Model for Assessing User Cognition and Intent during Exoskeleton Use (U-CI)

  • WK65347 Utilization of Digital Human Modeling

  • WK73074 Identifying Potential Ergonomic Risks From Exoskeleton Use

  • WK76228 Standard Practice for Considering and Deploying Industrial Exoskeletons for Return to Work

  • WK68719 Measuring Exoskeleton Cognitive Fit, Perceived Safety, and Acceptance

  • WK78824 Assessing Fit and Accommodation of Exoskeletons for Manufacturers and Designers

  • WK72887 Application of Safety Risk Management to Exoskeletons

  • WK80656 Development of Classifications for the nature of job

  • WK84201 Assessment of Exoskeleton Users' Attentional Performance

  • WK80655 Characterization of Physical Demands Performed by Workers

  • WK80659 Reporting methods for ongoing monitoring for RTW workers

  • WK81441 Shoulder Exoskeleton Assessment using Electromyography

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