Subcommittee F08.28 on Equestrian Surfaces

Matching Standards Under the Jurisdiction of F08.28 by Status

Proposed New

  • WK73002 Determining the Bulk Density of Equine Surfaces

  • WK56632 Evaluating Equine Surface Footing Materials for Particle Size Distribution and Shape

  • WK73005 Determining the Total Organic Content by Mass of Equine Surfaces

  • WK72762 the Certification of Equine Surfaces

  • WK73697 Assessing Physical Resistance in Turfgrass Equine Surfaces

  • WK73001 Determining the Volumetric Moisture Content of Equine Surfaces

  • WK73004 Fiber Removal and Fiber Characterization in Equine Surfaces

  • WK72727 Microscopy to Determine Equine Surface Sand and Fiber Shape