Subcommittee F04.44 on Assessment for TEMPs

Matching Standards Under the Jurisdiction of F04.44 by Status

Proposed New

  • WK78974 Pre-clinical Testing Considerations for Materials Used to Regenerate Muscle following Volumetric Muscle Loss Injuries

  • WK84867 Standard Guide for?in vivo Evaluation of Osteoinductive Potential for Bone Inductive Materials

  • WK84868 Standard Guide for Rabbit Knee Condyle Drill Hole CSD Model

  • WK87037 in vivo Assessment of Implantable Devices Intended to Repair or Regenerate Articular Cartilage

  • WK87040 Standard Test Method using a goat in vivo model for Testing Articular Cartilage Repair or Regeneration

  • WK84054 Heart Valve TEMPs