Committee E34 Scope

Staff Manager: Travis Murdock

Committee Scope

This Committee shall be responsible for the development of standard occupational health and safety test methods, practices, guides and terminology for materials and chemical, physical and biological agents. Consideration shall be given to: (1) identification; (2) exposure, including safe levels, methods of measurement, monitoring of personnel and environment, and medical examinations; (3) symptomatology and the need for treatment and first aid; (4) control, including engineering, personal protective equipment, precautionary methods, training, warnings and labels, storage and transportation, handling and disposal; and (5) administration, including record keeping and registry.

The activities of this Committee shall be coordinated with all relevant committees of ASTM and other organizations. Areas of standards development applicable to this scope, but under the jurisdiction of other ASTM committees are specifically excluded unless the appropriate committee does not chose to act directly on the standards needed as requested by this Committee. Organizations outside of ASTM developing standards within the scope of this Committee will be consulted for advice and requested to participate in the activities of this Committee.
Cooperation and coordination will be maintained with all organizations writing standards so that duplication would be avoided.