Committee E28 Scope

Staff Manager: Ashley Wiand

Committee Scope

Mechanical Testing is the determination or the properties of the mechanical states of a material that are associated with elastic and inelastic reactions to force or that involve relationships between stress and strain.

The Scope of the Committee shall be the promotion of knowledge and advancement in methods of mechanical testing by:
- Formulating, maintaining, and promoting superior quality standard test methods, practices, and guides which involve the measurement of mechanical properties or quantities from which such properties may be derived.
- Sponsoring technical meetings and symposia independently or in cooperation with other organizations.
- Encouraging research and development of mechanical test methods.
- Standardizing the terminology used in or relating to mechanical test methods and apparatus.
- Cooperating with other standardizing bodies in the interest of national and international standardization.
- Aiding and advising those interested in the preparation of standard test methods, practices, and guides and the development of apparatus for mechanical tests.
- Conducting round-robin testing where appropriate to validate procedures and methods.
The work of this Committee will be coordinated with other ASTM Committees and other organizations having mutual interests.