Committee D03 Subcommittees

Staff Manager: Brian Milewski

Subcommittees and Standards

Standards under the jurisdiction of D03

Each main committee in ASTM International is composed of subcommittees that address specific segments within the general subject area covered by the technical committee. Click on the subcommittee links below to see the title of existing standards for each subcommittee. Then, click on the resulting titles to see the standard's scope, referenced documents, and more.

  • D03.01 Collection and Measurement of Gaseous Samples
  • D03.02 Specifications and Classifications
  • D03.03 Determination of Heating Value and Relative Density of Gaseous Fuels
  • D03.06 Analysis of Constituents in Gaseous Fuels
  • D03.06.01 Analysis of Major Constituents by Gas Chromatography
  • D03.06.02 Analysis of Minor Constituents by Gas Chromatography
  • D03.06.03 Analysis by Spectroscopy
  • D03.06.04 Analysis by Colorimetric Techniques
  • D03.06.05 Analysis by Miscellaneous Techniques
  • D03.08 Thermophysical Properties
  • D03.12 On-Line/At-Line Analysis of Gaseous Fuels
  • D03.14 Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
  • D03.90 Executive
  • D03.92 Terminology and Editorial
  • D03.93 Long Range Planning
  • D03.94 Awards