Subcommittee F49.01 on Terminology

Matching Standards Under the Jurisdiction of F49.01 by Status

  • WK88617 NSAC Recommended Minimum Required Data Set

  • WK88047 Event Terms Used Between Booked to En Route

  • WK87321 Goods Movement Process (GMP) Precise Foundational Definitions

  • WK88924 GMP Bookend Phases: Forecast Phase and Research/Analysis Phase

  • WK88048 Event Terms Used Between En Route and Delivered

  • WK87871 Supply Chain Key Terms and Terminology Modifiers

  • WK88045 Event Terms Used Between Posted to Pre-Booked

  • WK88967 Supply Chain Stakeholders

  • WK88050 Event Terms Used Between Invoiced to Archived

  • WK88046 Event Terms Used Between Pre-Booked to Booked

  • WK87215 Alignment of FMC's MTDI Lexicon and Differentiation from other WTO Supply Chain and Maritime aligned Dictionaries/Glossaries

  • WK88966 Supply Chain Terms Used To Define Events (Non-event terminologies)

  • WK88049 Event Terms Used Between Delivered and Invoiced

Withdrawn, Replaced