Subcommittee F42.05 on Materials and Processes

Matching Standards Under the Jurisdiction of F42.05 by Status

  • WK78224 Additive Manufacturing -- Vat Photopolymerization -- Next Generation Tensile Test Method

  • WK74932 Additive Manufacturing of metals -- Qualification principles -- Qualification of designers

  • WK69732 Additive Manufacturing -- Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing

  • WK76983 Additive Manufacturing -- Powder Bed Fusion -- Best Practice for In-situ Defect Detection and Analysis

  • WK74931 Additive Manufacturing of Metals -- Feedstock Materials -- Powder Life Cycle Management

  • WK69730 Additive Manufacturing -- Wire for Directed Energy Deposition (DED) Processes in Additive Manufacturing

  • WK73239 Additive manufacturing -- Qualification principles -- Classification of part properties for additive manufacturing of polymer parts

  • WK65937 Additive Manufacturing -- Space Application -- Flight Hardware made by Laser Beam Powder Bed Fusion Process

  • WK75265 Additive Manufacturing of Polymers -- Powder Bed Fusion -- Guidelines for Feedstock Recycling and Sampling Strategies

  • WK73236 Additive Manufacturing -- Qualification principles -- Qualification of coordinators for metallic parts production

  • WK65929 Additive Manufacturing-Finished Part Properties and Post Processing - Additively Manufactured Spaceflight Hardware by Laser Beam Powder Bed Fusion In Metals

  • WK89874 Additive manufacturing -- Qualification principles -- Part 1: Common failure modes used for risk mapping

  • WK84355 Additive Manufacturing -- Design -- Parts using ceramic materials

  • WK82629 Additive manufacturing for automotive — Qualification principles — Generic machine evaluation and specification of key performance indicators for PBF-LB/M processes

  • WK82889 Additive Manufacturing -- Powder bed fusion -- Build continuation after process interruption

  • WK81994 Additive Manufacturing -- Powder Bed Fusion -- In-situ Defect Mitigation and Evaluation

  • WK86878 Additive manufacturing of metals -- Qualification principles -- Installation, operation and performance (IQ/OQ/PQ) of PBF-EB equipment

  • WK82883 Additive manufacturing of ceramics -- Feedstock materials -- Characterization of ceramic slurry in vat photopolymerization

  • WK81462 Additive manufacturing of metals -- Powder bed fusion -- Presentation of material properties in material data sheets

  • WK85701 Additive Manufacturing -- Finished part properties -- Stainless Steel Alloys made by powder bed fusion

  • WK82659 Additive manufacturing -- Powder bed fusion -- Standard specification for maraging steel (UNS K93120)

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