Subcommittee E54.01 on CBRNE Detection and CBRN Protection

Matching Standards Under the Jurisdiction of E54.01 by Status

Proposed New

  • WK76305 Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Air Filtration Systems

  • WK78585 Security Engineering: Procedures for Designing Airborne Chemical, Biological and Radiological Protection for Buildings

  • WK53605 Characterization of Systems and Instruments with Binary Responses

  • WK61465 Collection of Particulate by Wipe Sampling for Determination of Wipe Collection Efficiency

  • WK41393 Identifying Blast Mitigating Design Criteria for the Protection of Building Exteriors Against Blast Loading due to Terrorist Attacks

  • WK80461 Establishing Performance of Field Screening Devices for the Identification of Biological Agents

  • WK85823 Development, Verification, Validation, and Documentation of Explosive and Contraband Simulants for Security Screening Systems

  • WK80460 Field Screening Devices Used for Identification of Biological Agents

  • WK83732 Specification for Data Format for Biodetection Instruments for Biosecurity Applications