Subcommittee D37.07 on Industrial Hemp

Matching Standards Under the Jurisdiction of D37.07 by Status

Proposed New

  • WK78707 Hemp Hurd and Bast Fiber Intended for Selected Manufacturing Use

  • WK70550 Insulative Hempcrete Initiative

  • WK78721 Stored Hemp Chaff Intended for Cannabinoid Extraction

  • WK75916 Hemp Fiber Initiative

  • WK78729 Standard Test Method for Sieve Analysis of Hemp Hurd

  • WK78701 Growing Hemp Intended for Fiber Production

  • WK78780 Hemp Fiber Screenings and Hemp Fiber Dust Intended for Select Manufacturing Use

  • WK78702 Hemp Straw Intended for Decortication

  • WK87041 Measuring Length and Width of Industrial Hemp Fibers

Withdrawn, Replaced