Subcommittee D37.04 on Processing and Handling

Matching Standards Under the Jurisdiction of D37.04 by Status

  • WK75419 Classification for Distilled Cannabinoid Extracts of a Cannabis Plant

  • WK75994 Establishment and Maintenance of Storage Conditions for Packaged Resin Cannabis Product Prior to Distribution or Sale

  • WK76802 Resin Cannabis Product Packages and Containers

  • WK73764 Process Validation Requirements in the Cannabis Industry

  • WK76088 Proper At-Home Formulation

  • WK69257 Design, Construction, Security, and Environmental Control of a Mobile Extraction Unit

  • WK85861 Guide to Techniques for Lowering Microbial Load in Cannabis Raw Materials 

  • WK81113 International Symbol for Identifying Consumer Products Containing NON-INTOXICATING Cannabinoids

  • WK87031 Standard Guide to Techniques for Lowering Microbial Load of Inflorescence of Cannabis sativa L. plants Post-Harvest

  • WK81376 Decontamination of LP Cylinders used in Biomass Extraction

  • WK84667 Working With Dust of Ground Cannabis sativa L. plant Parts and Crystallized Cannabinoids

  • WK84589 Metrics for Determining Intoxicating and Non-Intoxicating Cannabinoids

Withdrawn, Replaced