Honors and Awards Program

Staff Contact: Maryann Zamorski

mzamorski@astm.org Phone: 610-832-9684

The ASTM International Honors and Awards Program recognizes the dedication and exemplary effort of ASTM International members in the development and promulgation of ASTM International standards and related activities. Awards are primarily grouped into three categories: Society Awards, Society Recognized Committee Awards, and Technical Committee Awards. See below for more information on each award.

Society Awards

Society Awards are created by the ASTM International Board of Directors to meet specific needs which have broad applications to the overall Society and therefore cannot be addressed by individual committees. Learn more about Society Awards.

Society Recognized Committee Awards

Society Recognized Committee Awards are established by technical committees, and approved by the Board of Directors, to elevate the recognition of their most outstanding members. Learn more about Society Recognized Committee Awards.

Technical Committee Awards

Technical Committee Awards are the family of awards committees have designed to recognize their members. These awards may be presented in various formats and styles. Learn more about Technical Committee Awards.

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