Committee D19 on Water

Staff Manager: Brian Milewski

ASTM Committee D19 on Water was formed in 1932. D19 meets twice a year, usually in January and June, with approximately 120 members attending over four days of technical meetings and a workshop on relevant topics. The Committee, with current membership of 383 members, currently has jurisdiction of 340 standards, published in the Annual book of ASTM Standards, Volume 11.01 and 11.02. The areas of interest of the committee are:

1. The development of standard methods for sampling, identification, and analysis of:

a. Water and the materials dissolved or suspended in or formed from water, including physical, chemical, biochemical, radiochemical, and microbiological characteristics.

b. Communities of indigenous and other aquatic organism.

2. The development of standard methods for hydraulic and hydrologic measurements of surface and ground waters.

3. The development of standard methods for evaluation of the performance of materials used to modify the characteristics of water, including selective, partial, or total removal of dissolved or suspended constituents and ion interchange.

4. The development of standard methods for determining the corrosivity or deposit-forming properties of water.

5. The designation of terminology, units of measurement, and precision and accuracy of tests pertaining to water.