Committee F45 on Driverless Automatic Guided Industrial Vehicles

    Staff Manager: Nora Nimmerichter 610-8329815

    ASTM Committee F45 on Driverless Automatic Guided Industrial Vehicles was formed in 2014. This Committee addresses issues related to performance standards and guidance materials for 'automatic'-(e.g., automatic guided vehicles) through 'autonomous'- (e.g., mobile robots) unmanned ground vehicles (A-UGVs) with industrial applications. A-UGV applications include, but are not limited to: indoor warehouse, manufacturing, and medical facilities and outdoor security and shipyards. It also works closely with industrial vehicle safety standards organizations. The Committee, with a membership of approximately 60, has its standards published in the Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Volume 15.08. F45's technical subcommittees maintain jurisdiction over these standards. F45 meets face-to-face twice each year, in January and June, with approximately 35 members attending two to three days of technical meeting that typically include vehicle test method demonstrations. F45 has 5 technical subcommittees that each virtually-meet monthly. Information on this subcommittee structure and F45's portfolio of approved standards and Work Items under construction are available from the List of Subcommittees, Standards, and Work Items below.

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