Committee B01 on Electrical Conductors

    Staff Manager: Karen Murphy -4843580231

    ASTM Committee B01 on Electrical Conductors was formed in 1909. B01 meets twice a year, usually in April and October, with approximately 15 members attending over a day and a half of technical meetings. The Committee, with current membership of approximately 50, currently has jurisdiction of over 80 standards, published in the Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Volume 02.03. ASTM Subcommittee B01.02 is responsible for developing and maintaining standards in the area of "Methods of Testing and Sampling Procedures," for Electrical Conductors. The list of standards maintained by this Subcommittee includes B 193, B 258, B 263 and many more. More importantly, all other standards for electrical conductors developed by other subcommittees of the B-1 Committee rely upon one or more standards developed by this subcommittee. ASTM Subcommittee B01.06 is currently developing standards for several grades of copper-clad steel in the annealed condition. Future work may include higher conductivities of copper-clad steel, such as 50%, 60%, and 70% conductivity. Several new uses are being developed for both of these copper-clad wires.

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