Technical Committees / Committee E04 on Metallography

Workshop on Grain Size Determination
according to ASTM E112, E930, E1181, E1383 and other Methods
November 17, 2010
San Antonio, TX

Grain Size by EBSD
Stuart Wright, EDAX
John Friel, Temple University
Scott Sitzman, Oxford Instruments

Grain Characterization of Aluminum DC Cast Ingot and Downstream Products
Andris Innus & Yves Raymond, Analytical Technologies Group

The Bias in Planimetric Procedure According to ASTM E112 and Correct Method
LI Heping & ZHOU Xing, Baosteel Industry Inspection Corporation

Challenges of Prior Austenite Grain Size Determination in Vacuum-melted Steels
Clement Forget, Latrobe Specialty Steel Company
Myriam Savard, Clemex

Addressing Problems with Revealing Prior Austenite Grain Boundaries
Walt Moorhead and Ick Kayafas, Product Evaluation Systems, Inc.
Chris Bagnall, MCS Associates, Inc.