Subcommittee F44.30 on Structures

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    F3083/F3083M-20a Standard Specification for Emergency Conditions, Occupant Safety and Accommodations

        See also WK68781 proposed revision

        See also WK73015 proposed revision

    F3093/F3093M-21 Standard Specification for Aeroelasticity Requirements

        See also WK68230 proposed revision

        See also WK73016 proposed revision

    F3114-21 Standard Specification for Structures

        See also WK68805 proposed revision

        See also WK73017 proposed revision

        See also WK75928 proposed revision

    F3115/F3115M-20 Standard Specification for Structural Durability for Small Aeroplanes

        See also WK77936 proposed revision

    F3116/F3116M-18e2 Standard Specification for Design Loads and Conditions

        See also WK73019 proposed revision

        See also WK77288 proposed revision

    F3254-19 Standard Specification for Aircraft Interaction of Systems and Structures

        See also WK69726 proposed revision

        See also WK73020 proposed revision

    F3331-18 Standard Practice for Aircraft Water Loads

    F3380-19 Standard Practice for Structural Compliance of Very Light Aeroplanes

        See also WK73061 proposed revision

    F3396/F3396M-20 Standard Practice for Aircraft Simplified Loads Criteria

        See also WK78364 proposed revision

    F3408/F3408M-21 Standard Specification for Aircraft Emergency Parachute Recovery Systems

        See also WK73021 proposed revision

    F3498-21 Standard Practice for Developing Simplified Fatigue Load Spectra

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    WK61232 Low Stress Airframe Structure

    WK59101 Structures, Design and Construction

    WK69159 Aircraft Finite Element Model Verification and Validation

    WK70524 Aeroelastic Compliance Demonstration

    WK77098 External Loads and Aeroelastic Compliance Demonstration for multimodal VTOL/eVTOL aircraft

    WK77283 General Aviation Inflatable Restraints

    WK77612 Alternative Injury Criteria for Dynamic Seat Testing

    WK78199 Determining Safe-Life, Inspection Threshold and Recurring Inspection Intervals

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