Subcommittee F42.01 on Test Methods

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    F2971-13(2021) Standard Practice for Reporting Data for Test Specimens Prepared by Additive Manufacturing

        See also WK75655 proposed revision

    F3122-14 Standard Guide for Evaluating Mechanical Properties of Metal Materials Made via Additive Manufacturing Processes

    ISO/ASTM52902-19 Additive manufacturing — Test artifacts — Geometric capability assessment of additive manufacturing systems

    ISO/ASTM52921-13(2019) Standard Terminology for Additive Manufacturing—Coordinate Systems and Test Methodologies

    ISO/ASTM52907-19 Additive manufacturing — Feedstock materials — Methods to characterize metallic powders

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    WK75584 Additive Manufacturing Non-destructive testing and evaluation of fatigue cracks using tensioned computed tomography

    WK76163 Additive Manufacturing -- Test Artifacts -- Compression Validation Coupons for Lattice Designs

    WK66030 Quality Assessment of Metal Powder Feedstock Characterization Data for Additive Manufacturing

    WK78092 Additive Manufacturing -- Powder Bed Fusion -- Condition-defined Maintenance for Optical Systems

    WK55610 the Characterization of Powder Flow Properties for Additive Manufacturing Applications

    WK56649 Standard Practice/Guide for Intentionally Seeding Flaws in Additively Manufactured (AM) Parts

    WK66029 Mechanical Testing of Polymer Additively Manufactured Materials

    WK78093 Additive Manufacturing -- Feedstock Materials -- Guide for Testing Moisture Content in Powder Feedstock

    WK69731 Additive Manufacturing -- Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) for Use in Directed Energy Deposition (DED) Additive Manufacturing Processes

    WK71268 Additive manufacturing -- Qualification principles -- Laser-based powder bed fusion of polymers -- Part 1: General principles, preparation of test specimens

    WK71391 Additive Manufacturing -- Static Properties for Polymer AM (Continuation)

    WK71393 Additive manufacturing -- assessment of powder spreadability for powder bed fusion (PBF) processes

    WK71395 Additive manufacturing -- accelerated quality inspection of build health for laser beam powder bed fusion process

    WK73340 Additive Manufacturing -- Dynamic Properties -- Polymer Additive Manufacturing

    WK72237 Additive manufacturing -- Qualification principles -- Part 2: Requirements for industrial additive manufacturing sites

    WK66682 Evaluating Post-processing and Characterization Techniques for AM Part Surfaces

    WK74905 Additive Manufacturing-Feedstock-Particle Shape Analysis to Identify Agglomerates/Satellites in Feedstock

    WK75901 Additive Manufacturing -- Test Artifacts -- Miniature Tension Testing of Metallic Materials

    WK76038 Additive Manufacturing of Metals -- Non-destructive testing and evaluation -- Porosity Measurement with X-ray CT

    WK77008 Additive Manufacturing -- Laser Powder Bed Fusion -- Guide for Benchmarking of Powder Bed Density

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    F2921-11e3 Standard Terminology for Additive Manufacturing—Coordinate Systems and Test Methodologies (Withdrawn 2013)