Subcommittee F42.01 on Test Methods

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    F2971-13 Standard Practice for Reporting Data for Test Specimens Prepared by Additive Manufacturing

    F3122-14 Standard Guide for Evaluating Mechanical Properties of Metal Materials Made via Additive Manufacturing Processes

    ISO/ASTM52902-19 Additive manufacturing — Test artifacts — Geometric capability assessment of additive manufacturing systems

    ISO/ASTM52921-13(2019) Standard Terminology for Additive Manufacturing—Coordinate Systems and Test Methodologies

    ISO/ASTM52907-19 Additive manufacturing — Feedstock materials — Methods to characterize metallic powders

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    WK66030 Quality Assessment of Metal Powder Feedstock Characterization Data for Additive Manufacturing

    WK49229 Orientation and Location Dependence Mechanical Properties for Metal Additive Manufacturing

    WK55610 the Characterization of Powder Flow Properties for Additive Manufacturing Applications

    WK70207 Additive manufacturing -- Test method of sand mold for metal casting -- Part 2: Physical properties

    WK56649 Standard Practice/Guide for Intentionally Seeding Flaws in Additively Manufactured (AM) Parts

    WK66029 Mechanical Testing of Polymer Additively Manufactured Materials

    WK70206 Additive manufacturing -- Test method of sand mold for metal casting -- Part 1: Mechanical properties

    WK69371 Standard practice for generating mechanical performance debits

    WK69731 Additive Manufacturing -- Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) for Use in Directed Energy Deposition (DED) Additive Manufacturing Processes

    WK71268 Additive manufacturing -- Qualification principles -- Laser-based powder bed fusion of polymers -- Part 1: General principles, preparation of test specimens

    WK71391 Additive Manufacturing -- Static Properties for Polymer AM (Continuation)

    WK71393 Additive manufacturing -- assessment of powder spreadability for powder bed fusion (PBF) processes

    WK71395 Additive manufacturing -- accelerated quality inspection of build health for laser beam powder bed fusion process

    WK73340 Additive Manufacturing -- Dynamic Properties -- Polymer Additive Manufacturing

    WK72237 Additive manufacturing -- Qualification principles -- Part 2: Requirements for industrial additive manufacturing sites

    WK66682 Evaluating Post-processing and Characterization Techniques for AM Part Surfaces

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