Subcommittee F30.03 on Organization/Management

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    F1086-94(2016) Standard Guide for Structures and Responsibilities of Emergency Medical Services Systems Organizations

    F1149-93(2013) Standard Practice for Qualifications, Responsibilities, and Authority of Individuals and Institutions Providing Medical Direction of Emergency Medical Services

    F1268-90(2020) Standard Guide for Establishing and Operating a Public Information, Education, and Relations Program for Emergency Medical Service Systems

    F1339-92(2016) Standard Guide for Organization and Operation of Emergency Medical Services Systems

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    F1224-89(2004)e1 Standard Guide for Providing System Evaluation for Emergency Medical Services (Withdrawn 2012)

    F1286-90(2009) Standard Guide for Development and Operation of Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Facilities (Withdrawn 2015)

    F1288-90(2009) Standard Guide for Planning for and Response to a Multiple Casualty Incident (Withdrawn 2018)

    F1493-93(2008) Standard Guide for Financing and Financial Accountability of Medical Transportation Systems (Withdrawn 2015)

    F1629-95(2007) Standard Guide for Establishing Operating Emergency Medical Services and Management Information Systems, or Both (Withdrawn 2015)

    F1652-95(2007) Standard Guide for Providing Essential Data Needed in Advance for Prehospital Emergency Medical Services (Withdrawn 2016)