Subcommittee F25.07 on General Requirements

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    F906-85(2014) Standard Specification for Letters and Numerals for Ships

    F956-91(2012) Standard Specification for Bell, Cast, Sound Signalling

    F957-91(2012) Standard Specification for Gong, Sound Signaling

    F1097-91(2012) Standard Specification for Mortar, Refractory (High-Temperature, Air-Setting)

        See also WK60477 proposed revision

    F1099M-98(2011) Standard Specification for Rat Guards, Ship's (Metric)

    F1138-98(2014) Standard Specification for Spray Shields for Mechanical Joints

    F1145-05(2011) Standard Specification for Turnbuckles, Swaged, Welded, Forged

    F1166-07(2013) Standard Practice for Human Engineering Design for Marine Systems, Equipment, and Facilities

    F1179-88(2014) Standard Practice for Inspection Procedure for Use of Anaerobic Thread Locking Compounds with Studs

    F1182-07(2013) Standard Specification for Anodes, Sacrificial Zinc Alloy

    F1270-97(2013) Standard Practice for Preparing and Locating Emergency Muster Lists

    F1297-90(2012) Standard Guide for Location and Instruction Symbols for Evacuation and Lifesaving Equipment

    F1312-90(2013) Standard Specification for Brick, Insulating, High Temperature, Fire Clay

    F1332-99(2011) Standard Practice for Use of SI (Metric) Units in Maritime Applications (Committee F25 Supplement to IEEE/ASTM SI 10)

        See also WK60467 proposed withdrawal

    F1337-10(2015) Standard Practice for Human Systems Integration Program Requirements for Ships and Marine Systems, Equipment, and Facilities

    F1347-91(2012) Standard Specification for Manually Operated Fueling Hose Reels

    F1348/F1348M-91(2013) Standard Specification for Pneumatic Rotary Descaling Machines

    F1546-96(2012)e1 Standard Specification for Fire Hose Nozzles

    F1808-03(2013) Standard Guide for Weight Control Technical Requirements for Surface Ships

    F1878-98(2015) Standard Guide for Escort Vessel Evaluation and Selection

    F1994-99(2011) Standard Test Method for Shipboard Fixed Foam Firefighting Systems

    F2016-00(2012) Standard Practice for Establishing Shipbuilding Quality Requirements for Hull Structure, Outfitting, and Coatings

    F2039-00(2012) Standard Guide for Basic Elements of Shipboard Occupational Health and Safety Program

    F2192-05(2011) Standard Test Method for Determining and Reporting the Berthing Energy and Reaction of Marine Fenders

    F2876-10(2015) Standard Practice for Thermal Rating and Installation of Internal Combustion Engine Packages for use in Hazardous Locations in Marine Applications

    F3256-17 Standard Guide for Reporting and Recording of Near-Misses for Maritime Industry

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    WK22077 New Specification for Rubber Marine Fenders

    WK55905 Reporting and Recording of Near Misses for Maritime Industry

    WK57870 Recording and Reporting of Injuries and Illnesses for the Maritime Industry

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    F1547-09 Standard Guide for Listing Relevant Standards and Publications for Commercial Shipbuilding (Withdrawn 2015)

    F1626-95(2006) Standard Practice for Preparing Shipboard Fire Control Plans (Withdrawn 2008)