Subcommittee F13.50 on Walkway Surfaces

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    F1637-19 Standard Practice for Safe Walking Surfaces

        See also WK68103 proposed revision

    F1694-14 Standard Guide for Composing Walkway Surface Investigation, Evaluation and Incident Report Forms for Slips, Stumbles, Trips, and Falls

        See also WK68069 proposed revision

    F2948-13 Standard Guide to Walkway Auditor Qualifications

        See also WK62951 proposed revision

    F2965-13 Standard Guide for Selection of Walkway Surfaces and Treatments When Considering Aggressive Contaminant Conditions in Commercial and Industrial (Not Including Construction) Environments

        See also WK68003 proposed revision

    F2966-19 Standard Guide for Snow and Ice Control for Walkway Surfaces

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    WK63322 Premises Design Considering Snow and Ice Management for Walkway Surfaces

    WK42980 New Guide for the Selection of Walkway Surfaces When Considering Pedestrian Safety

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    F695-01(2009) Standard Practice for Ranking of Test Data Obtained for Measurement of Slip Resistance of Footwear Sole, Heel, and Related Materials (Withdrawn 2018)

    F802-83(2003) Standard Guide for Selection of Certain Walkway Surfaces When Considering Footwear Traction (Withdrawn 2012)

    F1240-01(2009) Standard Guide for Ranking Footwear Bottom Materials on Contaminated Walkway Surfaces According to Slip Resistance Test Results (Withdrawn 2018)