Subcommittee F12.60 on Controlled Access Security, Search, and Screening Equipment

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    F1448-16 Standard Guide for Selection of Security Technology for Protection Against Counterfeiting, Alteration, Diversion, Duplication, Simulation, and Substitution (CADDSS) of Products or Documents

        See also WK53907 proposed revision

    F1468-04a(2010) Standard Practice for Evaluation of Metallic Weapons Detectors for Controlled Access Search and Screening

    F2401-16 Standard Practice for Security Checkpoint Metal Detector Screening of Persons with Medical Devices

        See also WK54518 proposed revision

    F3020-16 Performance Standard for Hand-Worn Metal Detectors Used in Safety and Security

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    F792-08 Standard Practice for Evaluating the Imaging Performance of Security X-Ray Systems (Withdrawn 2017)

    F947-85(1996) Standard Test Method for Determining Low-Level X-Radiation Sensitivity of Photographic Films (Withdrawn 2005)

    F1039-87(1993)e1 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Low Level X-Radiation Used in X-Ray Security Screening Systems (Withdrawn 2002)

    F1156-94 Terminology Relating to Product Counterfeit Protection Systems (Withdrawn 2001)

    F1532-94 Standard Guide for Qualification, Selection, Training, Utilization, and Supervision of Security Screening Personnel (Withdrawn 2001)

    F2069-00 Standard Practice for Evaluation of Explosives Vapor Detectors (Withdrawn 2009)