Committee F11 on Vacuum Cleaners

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    Subcommittees and Standards

    Standards under the jurisdiction of F11

    Each main committee in ASTM International is composed of subcommittees that address specific segments within the general subject area covered by the technical committee. Click on the subcommittee links below to see the title of existing standards for each subcommittee. Then, click on the resulting titles to see the standard's scope, referenced documents, and more.

    F11.20 Performance (Test Methods)
    F11.20.01 Review of Standards
    F11.20.05 Maneuverability
    F11.20.06 Determining Acceptable Threshold for Consumer Relative Work
    F11.21 Cleanability
    F11.21.01 Carpet Standardization
    F11.21.03 F608 Maintenance
    F11.21.04 Hard Floor Cleaning
    F11.21.06 Edge Cleaning
    F11.21.10 XRF Technology
    F11.21.12 Development of New Standard
    F11.22 Air Performance
    F11.22.02 F558 Re-Approval
    F11.22.03 F820 Reapproval
    F11.22.05 F2105 Reapproval
    F11.22.09 Sustaned Performance for Portable Vacuum Cleaners
    F11.23 Filtration
    F11.23.01 System Filtration Efficiency
    F11.23.07 Filtration - Volume of Dirt Containers
    F11.23.08 Room Air Particulate Measurements while Vacuuming
    F11.23.10 HEPA Filtration Efficiency Definition
    F11.25 Sound Measurement
    F11.25.01 Sound
    F11.30 Durability-Reliability
    F11.30.04 F450 Reapproval
    F11.35 Extractor Cleaners
    F11.35.01 Extractor Performance
    F11.40 Steam Products
    F11.40.01 Steam Cleaning Products
    F11.50 Special Vacuum Cleaner Types
    F11.50.13 Requirements for Battery-Powered Vacuum Cleaners
    F11.50.14 Maintenance of F2158, F2647 and F2863
    F11.90 Executive
    F11.90.04 Membership
    F11.90.05 Awards
    F11.91 Terminology
    F11.91.01 Terminology
    F11.92 Precision, Accuracy and Sampling
    F11.93 Consumer Information
    F11.93.05 Buyer's Guide Task Group
    F11.93.07 Use and Convenience
    F11.93.08 Research/Evaluation of New Floor Coverings
    F11.94 Long Range Planning
    F11.94.01 Long Range Planning/Bylaws
    F11.95 Editorial
    F11.96 International Standards