Subcommittee F08.52 on Miscellaneous Playing Surfaces

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    F355-16e1 Standard Test Method for Impact Attenuation of Playing Surface Systems, Other Protective Sport Systems, and Materials Used for Athletics, Recreation and Play

        See also WK59594 proposed revision

    F1953-10 Standard Guide for Construction and Maintenance of Grass Tennis Courts

    F2117-10(2017) Standard Test Method for Vertical Rebound Characteristics of Sports Surface/Ball Systems; Acoustical Measurement

    F2157-09 Standard Specification for Synthetic Surfaced Running Tracks

    F2569-11 Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Force Reduction Properties of Surfaces for Athletic Use

    F2772-11 Standard Specification for Athletic Performance Properties of Indoor Sports Floor Systems

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    WK39572 New Test Method for Athletic Performance of Outdoor Sports Floor Systems

    WK38804 New Specification for Performance of Fitness and Wellness Surfaces in Elder Care Facilities

    WK53566 Determining Vertical Deformation and Area Deflection of Area Elastic, Point Elastic, Combined Elastic and Mixed Elastic Sport and Dance Surfaces

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    F1543-96(2007) Standard Specification for Shock Attenuation Properties of Fencing Surfaces (Withdrawn 2016)