Subcommittee F08.52 on Miscellaneous Playing Surfaces

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    F355-16e1 Standard Test Method for Impact Attenuation of Playing Surface Systems, Other Protective Sport Systems, and Materials Used for Athletics, Recreation and Play

        See also WK59594 proposed revision

    F1953-10(2018) Standard Guide for Construction and Maintenance of Grass Tennis Courts

    F2117-10(2017) Standard Test Method for Vertical Rebound Characteristics of Sports Surface/Ball Systems; Acoustical Measurement

    F2157-09(2018) Standard Specification for Synthetic Surfaced Running Tracks

    F2569-11(2019) Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Force Reduction Properties of Surfaces for Athletic Use

    F2772-11(2019) Standard Specification for Athletic Performance Properties of Indoor Sports Floor Systems

    F3248-17 Standard Test Method for Determining Vertical Deformation and Area Deflection of Area Elastic, Point Elastic, Combined Elastic and Mixed Elastic Sport and Dance Surfaces

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    WK38804 New Specification for Performance of Fitness and Wellness Surfaces in Elder Care Facilities

    WK66202 a Portable Instrumented Surface Indenter for Measurement of Firmness and Stability

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    F1543-96(2007) Standard Specification for Shock Attenuation Properties of Fencing Surfaces (Withdrawn 2016)