Subcommittee F08.28 on Equestrian Surfaces

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    F2867-13 Standard Terminology Relating to Thoroughbred Horse Racing Surfaces

    F3400-19 Standard Test Method for In-situ Testing of Functional Properties of Equine Surfaces: Artificial Surfaces

    F3401-19 Standard Test Method for Wax Binder Removal from Equestrian Synthetic Track Surfaces

        See also WK76424 proposed revision

    F3415-20 Standard Test Method for Triaxial Shear Strength and Cohesion of Equine Sports Surfaces

    F3416-21 Standard Guide for Using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry to Evaluate Synthetic Equine Surface Components

    F3417-20 Standard Test Method for Gas Chromatography Analysis of Petroleum Waxes Used in Equestrian Synthetic Surfaces

    F3418-20 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Transition Temperatures of Slack Waxes used in Equine Sports Surfaces by Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

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    WK29881 New Practice for Assessing Some Characteristics of Turfgrass Surfaces for Thoroughbred Horse Racing

    WK72762 the Certification of Equine Surfaces

    WK72727 Microscopy to Determine Equine Surface Sand and Fiber Shape

    WK56632 Evaluating Equine Surface Footing Materials for Particle Size Distribution and Shape

    WK72763 Experimental and Laboratory Replication of In-situ Equine Surface Testing

    WK69495 Using Fourier Infrared Transform (FTIR) to Evaluate Synthetic Equestrian Surface Components

    WK69498 Performing Whole Rock and Clay Fraction X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) on Equine Surfaces

    WK73001 Determining the Volumetric Moisture Content of Equine Surfaces

    WK73002 Determining the Bulk Density of Equine Surfaces

    WK73004 Fiber Removal and Fiber Characterization in Equine Surfaces

    WK73005 Determining the Total Organic Content by Mass of Equine Surfaces

    WK73697 Assessing Physical Resistance in Turfgrass Equine Surfaces

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