Subcommittee F04.43 on Cells and Tissue Engineered Constructs for TEMPs

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    F2149-16 Standard Test Method for Automated Analyses of Cells—the Electrical Sensing Zone Method of Enumerating and Sizing Single Cell Suspensions

    F2315-18 Standard Guide for Immobilization or Encapsulation of Living Cells or Tissue in Alginate Gels

    F2664-19e1 Standard Guide for Assessing the Attachment of Cells to Biomaterial Surfaces by Physical Methods

    F2739-19 Standard Guide for Quantifying Cell Viability and Related Attributes within Biomaterial Scaffolds

    F2944-20 Standard Practice for Automated Colony Forming Unit (CFU) Assays—Image Acquisition and Analysis Method for Enumerating and Characterizing Cells and Colonies in Culture

    F2997-13 Standard Practice for Quantification of Calcium Deposits in Osteogenic Culture of Progenitor Cells Using Fluorescent Image Analysis

    F3088-14 Standard Test Method for Use of a Centrifugation Method to Quantify/Study Cell-Material Adhesive Interactions

    F3106-14 Standard Guide for in vitro Osteoblast Differentiation Assays

    F3206-17 Standard Guide for Assessing Medical Device Cytocompatibility with Delivered Cellular Therapies

    F3209-16 Standard Guide for Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma for Use in Tissue Engineering and Cell Therapy

    F3369-19e1 Standard Guide for Assessing the Skeletal Myoblast Phenotype

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    WK55364 Quantifying Cell Proliferation in 3D-Scaffolds by a Non-Destructive Method

    WK62115 Measuring Cell Viability in a Scaffold

    WK75166 Standard Terminology Relating to Microphysiological Systems

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    F2210-02(2010) Standard Guide for Processing Cells, Tissues, and Organs for Use in Tissue Engineered Medical Products (Withdrawn 2015)

    F2386-04 Standard Guide for Preservation of Tissue Engineered Medical Products (TEMPs) (Withdrawn 2013)