Subcommittee F04.30 on Cardiovascular Standards

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    F1830-97(2017) Standard Practice for Selection of Blood for in vitro Evaluation of Blood Pumps

        See also WK67323 proposed revision

    F1841-97(2017) Standard Practice for Assessment of Hemolysis in Continuous Flow Blood Pumps

        See also WK67324 proposed revision

    F2079-09(2017) Standard Test Method for Measuring Intrinsic Elastic Recoil of Balloon-Expandable Stents

    F2081-06(2017) Standard Guide for Characterization and Presentation of the Dimensional Attributes of Vascular Stents

    F2394-07(2017) Standard Guide for Measuring Securement of Balloon Expandable Vascular Stent Mounted on Delivery System

    F2477-07(2013) Standard Test Methods for in vitro Pulsatile Durability Testing of Vascular Stents

        See also WK67205 proposed revision

    F2514-08(2014) Standard Guide for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of Metallic Vascular Stents Subjected to Uniform Radial Loading

        See also WK63965 proposed revision

    F2606-08(2014) Standard Guide for Three-Point Bending of Balloon Expandable Vascular Stents and Stent Systems

    F2743-11(2018) Standard Guide for Coating Inspection and Acute Particulate Characterization of Coated Drug-Eluting Vascular Stent Systems

        See also WK64104 proposed revision

    F2914-12(2018) Standard Guide for Identification of Shelf-life Test Attributes for Endovascular Devices

    F2942-13 Standard Guide for in vitro Axial, Bending, and Torsional Durability Testing of Vascular Stents

        See also WK67207 proposed revision

    F3036-13 Standard Guide for Testing Absorbable Stents

        See also WK67304 proposed revision

    F3067-14 Guide for Radial Loading of Balloon Expandable and Self Expanding Vascular Stents

    F3172-15 Standard Guide for Design Verification Device Size and Sample Size Selection for Endovascular Devices

    F3211-17 Standard Guide for Fatigue-to-Fracture (FtF) Methodology for Cardiovascular Medical Devices

    F3320-18 Standard Guide for Coating Characterization of Drug Coated Balloons

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    WK8279 New Terminology for Standard Terminology Relating to Vascular Stents

    WK52295 Active Fixation Durability of Endovascular Prostheses

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