Subcommittee F04.25 on Spinal Devices

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    F1582-98(2016) Standard Terminology Relating to Spinal Implants

    F1717-21 Standard Test Methods for Spinal Implant Constructs in a Vertebrectomy Model

        See also WK68833 proposed revision

    F1798-21 Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Static and Fatigue Properties of Interconnection Mechanisms and Subassemblies Used in Spinal Arthrodesis Implants

        See also WK77479 proposed revision

        See also WK77648 proposed revision

    F2077-18 Test Methods For Intervertebral Body Fusion Devices

        See also WK68834 proposed revision

    F2193-20 Standard Specifications and Test Methods for Components Used in the Surgical Fixation of the Spinal Skeletal System

    F2267-04(2018) Standard Test Method for Measuring Load Induced Subsidence of Intervertebral Body Fusion Device Under Static Axial Compression

    F2346-18 Standard Test Methods for Static and Dynamic Characterization of Spinal Artificial Discs

        See also WK68835 proposed revision

    F2423-11(2020) Standard Guide for Functional, Kinematic, and Wear Assessment of Total Disc Prostheses

    F2624-12(2020) Standard Test Method for Static, Dynamic, and Wear Assessment of Extra-Discal Single Level Spinal Constructs

    F2694-16(2020) Standard Practice for Functional and Wear Evaluation of Motion-Preserving Lumbar Total Facet Prostheses

    F2706-18 Standard Test Methods for Occipital-Cervical and Occipital-Cervical-Thoracic Spinal Implant Constructs in a Vertebrectomy Model

    F2789-10(2020) Standard Guide for Mechanical and Functional Characterization of Nucleus Devices

    F2790-10(2019)e1 Standard Practice for Static and Dynamic Characterization of Motion Preserving Lumbar Total Facet Prostheses

    F3292-19 Standard Practice for Inspection of Spinal Implants Undergoing Testing

    F3295-18 Standard Guide for Impingement Testing of Total Disc Prostheses

    F3395/F3395M-19 Standard Specification for Neurosurgical Head Holder Devices

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    WK51688 Thoracolumbar Pedicle Screw Systems Intended for Spinal Fusion

    WK64097 Spinal Fusion Cage Computational Modeling

    WK68696 Intra-operative Impaction Durability of Intervertebral Body Fusion Devices

    WK76260 Sacroiliac Joint Fusion Devices

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