Subcommittee E60.01 on Buildings and Construction

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    E1971-05(2011) Standard Guide for Stewardship for the Cleaning of Commercial and Institutional Buildings

        See also WK60934 proposed withdrawal

        See also WK65791 proposed revision

    E2114-17 Standard Terminology for Sustainability Relative to the Performance of Buildings

        See also WK30009 proposed revision

    E2129-18 Standard Practice for Data Collection for Sustainability Assessment of Building Products

    E2392/E2392M-10(2016) Standard Guide for Design of Earthen Wall Building Systems

    E2432-17 Standard Guide for General Principles of Sustainability Relative to Buildings

        See also WK60332 proposed revision

    E2843-17 Standard Specification for Demonstrating That a Building is in Walkable Proximity to Neighborhood Assets

    E2844-15e1 Standard Specification for Demonstrating That a Building’s Location Provides Access to Public Transit

    E2921-16a Standard Practice for Minimum Criteria for Comparing Whole Building Life Cycle Assessments for Use with Building Codes, Standards, and Rating Systems

    E3073-17 Standard Guide for Development of Waste Management Plan for Construction, Deconstruction, or Demolition Projects

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    WK49400 New Practice for The Development of Multi-Attribute Sustainability Standards for Building Products

    WK40773 New Practice for Creating a List of Invasive Plants that are Environmentally Harmful in a Defined Region

    WK44075 New Practice for Preparing a Building Product Substance Report

    WK64123 Design of Earthen Floors

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    E1991-05 Standard Guide for Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Building Materials/Products (Withdrawn 2014)