Subcommittee E53.01 on Process Management

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    E2132-11 Standard Practice for Inventory Verification: Electronic and Physical Inventory of Assets

        See also WK54014 proposed revision

    E2279-15 Standard Practice for Establishing the Guiding Principles of Property Asset Management

    E2497-11 Standard Practice for Calculation of Asset Movement Velocity (AMV)

    E2499-11 Standard Practice for Classification of Asset Physical Location Information

        See also WK54391 proposed revision

    E2605-13 Standard Practice for Receiving Assets

    E2606-13 Standard Practice for Receipt Notification as a Result of Tangible Asset Movement

    E2631-09(2015) Standard Practice for Physical Placement of an Entity-Controlled Supplemental Identification Label

    E2671-10(2016) Standard Practice for Defining Movements, Shipments, and Transfers of Tangible Property

    E2672-16 Standard Practice for Identification and Categorization of Tooling

    E2715-09 Standard Practice for Moveable Property Storage

        See also WK46494 proposed revision

    E2811-11 Standard Practice for Management of Low Risk Property (LRP)

        See also WK54392 proposed revision

        See also WK55991 proposed revision

    E3056-16 Standard Guide for Strategic Warehousing

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    E2221-02 Standard Practice for Administrative Control of Property (Withdrawn 2011)