Subcommittee E50.05 on Environmental Risk Management

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    E1689-20 Standard Guide for Developing Conceptual Site Models for Contaminated Sites

    E1848-20 Standard Guide for Selecting and Using Ecological Endpoints for Contaminated Sites

    E2020-16 Standard Guide for Data and Information Options for Conducting an Ecological Risk Assessment at Contaminated Sites

        See also WK77300 proposed revision

    E2107-20 Standard Practice for Environmental Regulatory Compliance Audits

    E2137-17 Standard Guide for Estimating Monetary Costs and Liabilities for Environmental Matters

    E2173-16 Standard Guide for Disclosure of Environmental Liabilities

        See also WK74047 proposed revision

    E2348-17 Standard Guide for Framework for a Consensus-based Environmental Decision-making Process

    E2365-21 Standard Guide for Environmental Compliance Performance Assessment

        See also WK75021 proposed revision

    E2718-21 Standard Guide for Financial Disclosures Attributed to Climate Change

        See also WK74046 proposed revision

    E2725-19 Standard Guide for Basic Assessment and Management of Greenhouse Gases

    E3032-15e1 Standard Guide for Climate Resiliency Planning and Strategy

    E3123-18 Standard Guide for Recognition and Derecognition of Environmental Liabilities

    E3136-18 Standard Guide for Climate Resiliency in Water Resources

    E3228-19 Standard Guide for Environmental Knowledge Management

    E3241-20 Standard Guide for Coordination and Cooperation between Facilities, Local Emergency Planning Committees, and Emergency Responders

    E3249-21 Standard Guide for Remedial Action Resiliency to Climate Impacts

    E3312-21 Standard Guide for Mitigation of Wildfire Impact to Source Water Protection Areas and Risk to Water Utilities

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    WK58461 A Measurement-based, In-service Method for Updating the Internal Inspection Interval of an AST

    WK73375 Mitigation of Wildfire Risk to Water Utilities

    WK78164 Stakeholder Engagement on Environmental Risk Management and Climate

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    E1752-95(2000)e1 Standard Guide for Collection of Multi-Media Field Emission and Discharge Data Associated with Glycol Dehydration Units (Withdrawn 2009)

    E1929-98 Standard Practice for Assessment of Certification Programs for Environmental Professionals: Accreditation Criteria (Withdrawn 2007)

    E2318-03 Standard Guide for Environmental Health Site Assessment Process for Military Deployments (Withdrawn 2012)