Subcommittee E50.04 on Corrective Action

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    E1739-95(2015) Standard Guide for Risk-Based Corrective Action Applied at Petroleum Release Sites

    E1943-98(2015) Standard Guide for Remediation of Ground Water by Natural Attenuation at Petroleum Release Sites

    E2081-00(2015) Standard Guide for Risk-Based Corrective Action

        See also WK65087 proposed revision

    E2205/E2205M-02(2014) Standard Guide for Risk-Based Corrective Action for Protection of Ecological Resources

    E2435-05(2015) Standard Guide for Application of Engineering Controls to Facilitate Use or Redevelopment of Chemical-Affected Properties

    E2531-06(2014) Standard Guide for Development of Conceptual Site Models and Remediation Strategies for Light Nonaqueous-Phase Liquids Released to the Subsurface

    E2616-09(2014) Standard Guide for Remedy Selection Integrating Risk-Based Corrective Action and Non-Risk Considerations

    E2733-10(2015) Standard Guide for Investigation of Equipment Problems and Releases for Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Systems

    E2856-13 Standard Guide for Estimation of LNAPL Transmissivity

    E2876-13 Standard Guide for Integrating Sustainable Objectives into Cleanup

    E2893-16e1 Standard Guide for Greener Cleanups

    E3163-18 Standard Guide for Selection and Application of Analytical Methods and Procedures Used during Sediment Corrective Action

    E3164-18 Standard Guide for Sediment Corrective Action – Monitoring

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    WK51760 Risk-Based Corrective Action for Contaminated Sediment Sites

    WK70265 PFAS Framework Mapping

    WK62303 Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (NAPL) Mobility in Sediment--Generic Models for Emplacement and Advection

    WK67209 Evaluating and Measuring Gas Ebullition from Sediments

    WK64247 Determination of Representative Sediment Background Concentrations

    WK69829 NAPL Mobility in Sediment - Field Screening, Sample Collection and Sample Handling

    WK69830 NAPL Mobility Thresholds in Sediments

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    E1599-94 Standard Guide for Corrective Action for Petroleum Releases (Withdrawn 2002)

    E1912-98(2004) Standard Guide for Accelerated Site Characterization for Confirmed or Suspected Petroleum Releases (Withdrawn 2013)

    PS11-95 Provisional Standard Practice for Environmental Regulatory Compliance Audits