Subcommittee E50.01 on Storage Tanks

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    E1990-21 Standard Guide for Performing Evaluations of Underground Storage Tank Systems for Operational Conformance with 40 CFR, Part 280 Regulations

        See also WK76780 proposed revision

    E2256-19 Standard Guide for Hydraulic Integrity of New, Repaired, or Reconstructed Aboveground Storage Tank Bottoms for Petroleum Service

    E2681-21 Standard Guide for Environmental Management of Underground Storage Tank Systems Storing Regulated Substances

        See also WK64788 proposed withdrawal

        See also WK76779 proposed revision

    E2942-17 Standard Guide for Security of Tank Farm Installations for Compliance with Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC) Regulations

    E3225-20 Standard Practice for Performing a Liquid Test of Spill Prevention Equipment and Containment Sumps Used for Interstitial Monitoring of Piping by Visual Examination

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    WK69275 Non-intrusive Test of Automatic Tank Gauge Probes and Sensors Used For UST Leak Detection While the Leak Detection System is Operational.

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    E1430-91 Guide for Using Release Detection Devices with Underground Storage Tanks (Withdrawn 2000)

    E1526-93 Standard Practice for Evaluating the Performance of Release Detection Systems for Underground Storage Tank Systems (Withdrawn 2002)