Subcommittee E34.50 on Health and Safety Standards for Metal Working Fluids

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    E1302-13(2017) Standard Guide for Acute Animal Toxicity Testing of Water-Miscible Metalworking Fluids

    E1497-17 Standard Practice for Selection and Safe Use of Water-Miscible and Straight Oil Metal Removal Fluids

        See also WK56583 proposed revision

    E1687-10(2014) Standard Test Method for Determining Carcinogenic Potential of Virgin Base Oils in Metalworking Fluids

    E2144-11(2016) Standard Practice for Personal Sampling and Analysis of Endotoxin in Metalworking Fluid Aerosols in Workplace Atmospheres

    E2148-16 Standard Guide for Using Documents Related to Metalworking or Metal Removal Fluid Health and Safety

    E2169-17 Standard Practice for Selecting Antimicrobial Pesticides for Use in Water-Miscible Metalworking Fluids

    E2523-13 Standard Terminology for Metalworking Fluids and Operations

    E2563-13 Standard Practice for Enumeration of Non-Tuberculosis Mycobacteria in Aqueous Metalworking Fluids by Plate Count Method

    E2564-13 Standard Practice for Enumeration of Mycobacteria in Metalworking Fluids by Direct Microscopic Counting (DMC) Method

    E2657-16 Standard Practice for Determination of Endotoxin Concentrations in Water-Miscible Metalworking Fluids

    E2693-14 Standard Practice for Prevention of Dermatitis in the Wet Metal Removal Fluid Environment

    E2694-16 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Adenosine Triphosphate in Water-Miscible Metalworking Fluids

    E2889-12(2017) Standard Practice for Control of Respiratory Hazards in the Metal Removal Fluid Environment

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    WK59159 Determining a Potential Ignitable Substance in a Heated Atmospheric Tank

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    E1972-04(2011) Standard Practice for Minimizing Effects of Aerosols in the Wet Metal Removal Environment (Withdrawn 2017)

    E2250-02 Standard Method for Determination of Endotoxin Concentration in Water Miscible Metal Working Fluids (Withdrawn 2008)