Subcommittee E30.12 on Digital and Multimedia Evidence

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    E2678-09(2014) Standard Guide for Education and Training in Computer Forensics

    E2825-19 Standard Guide for Forensic Digital Image Processing

        See also WK70183 proposed revision

    E2916-19e1 Standard Terminology for Digital and Multimedia Evidence Examination

    E3016-18 Standard Guide for Establishing Confidence in Digital and Multimedia Evidence Forensic Results by Error Mitigation Analysis

    E3017-19 Standard Practice for Examining Magnetic Card Readers

    E3046-15 Standard Guide for Core Competencies for Mobile Phone Forensics

    E3115-17 Standard Guide for Capturing Facial Images for Use with Facial Recognition Systems

    E3148-18 Standard Guide for Postmortem Facial Image Capture

    E3149-18 Standard Guide for Facial Image Comparison Feature List for Morphological Analysis

    E3150-18 Standard Guide for Forensic Audio Laboratory Setup and Maintenance

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    WK66357 Latent Print Evidence Imaging Resolution

    WK69872 Standard Guide for Crime Scene Photography

    WK61709 Standard Practice for Data Retrieval from Digital CCTV System

    WK63926 Repair and Recovery of Damaged Audio Media

    WK66417 Training Guidelines for Video Analysis, Image Analysis and Photography

    WK74632 Image Processing to Improve Automated Facial Recognition Search Performance

    WK74817 Role Based Training in Facial Comparisons

    WK74814 Image Comparison Conclusions/Opinions

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    E2763-10 Standard Practice for Computer Forensics (Withdrawn 2019)