Subcommittee E30.11 on Interdisciplinary Forensic Science Standards

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    E620-18 Standard Practice for Reporting Opinions of Scientific or Technical Experts

    E678-07(2013) Standard Practice for Evaluation of Scientific or Technical Data

    E860-07(2013)e2 Standard Practice for Examining And Preparing Items That Are Or May Become Involved In Criminal or Civil Litigation

        See also WK70379 proposed revision

    E1020-13e1 Standard Practice for Reporting Incidents that May Involve Criminal or Civil Litigation

        See also WK66161 proposed revision

    E1188-11(2017) Standard Practice for Collection and Preservation of Information and Physical Items by a Technical Investigator

    E1459-13(2018) Standard Guide for Physical Evidence Labeling and Related Documentation

    E1492-11(2017) Standard Practice for Receiving, Documenting, Storing, and Retrieving Evidence in a Forensic Science Laboratory

    E1843-20 Standard Guide for Sexual Violence Investigation, Examination, and Evidence Collection Protocol

    E2057-10(2015) Standard Specifications for Preparation of Laboratory Analysis Requests in Sexual Assault Investigations

    E2123-20 Standard Practice for Preservation of Evidence in Sexual Violence Investigation

    E2124-20 Standard Specification for Equipment and Supplies in Sexual Violence Investigations

    E2549-14 Standard Practice for Validation of Seized-Drug Analytical Methods

        See also WK72631 proposed revision

    E2917-19a Standard Practice for Forensic Science Practitioner Training, Continuing Education, and Professional Development Programs

        See also WK69919 proposed revision

        See also WK72728 proposed revision

    E3255-21 Standard Practice for Quality Assurance of Forensic Science Service Providers Performing Forensic Chemical Analysis

        See also WK74393 proposed revision

        See also WK74537 proposed revision

    E3272-21 Standard Guide for Collection of Soils and Other Geological Evidence for Criminal Forensic Applications

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    WK23009 New Guide for Case Review of Forensic Examinations

    WK67866 Crime Scene Investigator Training, Continuing Education, Professional Development, Certification, and Accreditation

    WK77530 Core Forensic Responsibilities Training

    WK72441 Standard Guide for Developing Discipline Specific Methodology for ACE-V

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