Subcommittee E29.02 on Non-Sieving Methods

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    E799-03(2020)e1 Standard Practice for Determining Data Criteria and Processing for Liquid Drop Size Analysis

        See also WK22344 proposed withdrawal

    E1260-03(2020) Standard Test Method for Determining Liquid Drop Size Characteristics in a Spray Using Optical Nonimaging Light-Scattering Instruments

        See also WK22343 proposed withdrawal

    E1458-12(2016) Standard Test Method for Calibration Verification of Laser Diffraction Particle Sizing Instruments Using Photomask Reticles

        See also WK77074 proposed revision

    E1617-09(2019) Standard Practice for Reporting Particle Size Characterization Data

    E1620-97(2016) Standard Terminology Relating to Liquid Particles and Atomization

        See also WK77075 proposed revision

    E2589-11(2016) Standard Terminology Relating to Nonsieving Methods of Powder Characterization

    E2651-19 Standard Guide for Powder Particle Size Analysis

    E2776-20 Standard Guide for Correlation of Results of Solid Particle Size Measurement Instruments

    E2872-14(2019) Standard Guide for Determining Cross-Section Averaged Characteristics of a Spray Using Laser-Diffraction Instruments in a Wind Tunnel Apparatus

        See also WK70342 proposed revision

    E2980-20 Standard Test Methods for Estimating Average Particle Size of Powders Using Air Permeability

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    WK45240 New Test Methods for Standard Test Methods for the particle size distribution measurement of powdered materials by wet and dry laser diffraction

    WK61708 Standard Guide for Size and Shape of Solid Particles, Droplets and Gas Bubbles in Dynamic Liquid And Gas Streams Using a Direct Particle Imaging Analyzer.

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    F328-98(2003) Standard Practice for Calibration of an Airborne Particle Counter Using Monodisperse Spherical Particles (Withdrawn 2007)

    F649-01 Standard Practice for Secondary Calibration of Airborne Particle Counter Using Comparison Procedures (Withdrawn 2007)

    F658-00a(2006) Standard Practice for Calibration of a Liquid-Borne Particle Counter Using an Optical System Based Upon Light Extinction (Withdrawn 2007)