Subcommittee E17.52 on Traffic Monitoring

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    E1318-09(2017) Standard Specification for Highway Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) Systems with User Requirements and Test Methods

    E1957-04(2018) Standard Practice for Installing and Using Pneumatic Tubes With Roadway Traffic Counters and Classifiers

    E2259-03a(2018) Standard Guide for Archiving and Retrieving Intelligent Transportation Systems-Generated Data

    E2300-09(2017) Standard Specification for Highway Traffic Monitoring Devices

    E2415-05(2018) Standard Practice for Installing Piezoelectric Highway Traffic Sensors

    E2467-05(2018) Standard Practice for Developing Axle Count Adjustment Factors

    E2468-05(2018) Standard Practice for Metadata to Support Archived Data Management Systems

    E2532-09(2017) Standard Test Methods for Evaluating Performance of Highway Traffic Monitoring Devices

    E2561-07a(2018) Standard Practice for the Installation of Inductive Loop Detectors

    E2665-08(2017) Standard Specification for Archiving ITS-Generated Traffic Monitoring Data

    E2667-09(2017) Standard Practice for Acquiring Intersection Turning Movement Traffic Data

    E2759-10(2018) Standard Practice for Highway Traffic Monitoring Truth-in-Data

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    E1442-94 Practice for Highway-Traffic Monitoring (Withdrawn 2001)

    E1572-93 Standard Practice for Classifying Highway Vehicles from Known Axle Count and Spacing (Withdrawn 2002)