Subcommittee E06.81 on Building Economics

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    E833-14(2021) Standard Terminology of Building Economics

    E917-17e1 Standard Practice for Measuring Life-Cycle Costs of Buildings and Building Systems

    E964-15(2020)e1 Standard Practice for Measuring Benefit-to-Cost and Savings-to-Investment Ratios for Buildings and Building Systems

    E1057-15(2020)e1 Standard Practice for Measuring Internal Rate of Return and Adjusted Internal Rate of Return for Investments in Buildings and Building Systems

    E1074-15(2020)e1 Standard Practice for Measuring Net Benefits and Net Savings for Investments in Buildings and Building Systems

    E1121-15(2020)e1 Standard Practice for Measuring Payback for Investments in Buildings and Building Systems

    E1185-15(2020)e1 Standard Guide for Selecting Economic Methods for Evaluating Investments in Buildings and Building Systems

    E1369-15(2020)e1 Standard Guide for Selecting Techniques for Treating Uncertainty and Risk in the Economic Evaluation of Buildings and Building Systems

    E1557-09(2020)e1 Standard Classification for Building Elements and Related Sitework—UNIFORMAT II

    E1699-14(2020) Standard Practice for Performing Value Engineering (VE)/Value Analysis (VA) of Projects, Products and Processes

    E1765-16e1 Standard Practice for Applying Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to Multiattribute Decision Analysis of Investments Related to Projects, Products, and Processes

    E1804-16 Standard Practice for Performing and Reporting Cost Analysis During the Design Phase of a Project

    E1946-18 Standard Practice for Measuring Cost Risk of Buildings and Building Systems and Other Constructed Projects

    E2013-20 Standard Practice for Developing Functions, Constructing FAST Diagrams, and Performing Function Analysis During Value Engineering (VE)/Value Analysis (VA) Study

    E2083-05(2016) Standard Classification for Building Construction Field Requirements, and Office Overhead & Profit

    E2103/E2103M-19 Standard Classification for Bridge Elements—UNIFORMAT II

    E2150-17 Standard Classification for Life-Cycle Environmental Work Elements—Environmental Cost Element Structure

    E2166-16 Standard Practice for Organizing and Managing Building Data

    E2168-10(2016) Standard Classification for Allowance, Contingency, and Reserve Sums in Building Construction Estimating

    E2204-15(2020)e1 Standard Guide for Summarizing the Economic Impacts of Building-Related Projects

    E2506-15(2020)e1 Standard Guide for Developing a Cost-Effective Risk Mitigation Plan for New and Existing Constructed Facilities

    E2514-15(2020) Standard Practice for Presentation Format of Elemental Cost Estimates, Summaries, and Analyses

    E2516-11(2019) Standard Classification for Cost Estimate Classification System

    E2620-15(2020) Standard Classification for Program and Project Estimate Summaries

    E2637-17 Standard Guide for Utilizing the Environmental Cost Element Structure Presented by Classification

    E2691-20 Standard Practice for Job Productivity Measurement

    E3008/E3008M-16e1 Standard Classification for Transportation Surface Elements—UNIFORMAT II

    E3035-15(2020) Standard Classification for Facility Asset Component Tracking System (FACTS)

    E3130-21 Standard Guide for Developing Cost-Effective Community Resilience Strategies

        See also WK70007 proposed revision

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    WK54380 Proactive Management of Project Cost

    WK48130 New Classification for Sitework - UNIFORMAT II

    WK57335 Presentation Phase Developing and Presenting Value Engineering (VE)/ Value Analysis (VA) Study

    WK57336 Performing Value Engineering (VE)/Value Analysis (VA) Study for Projects, Products and Processes

    WK77854 Performing Strategic Function Analysis in the application of Value Methodology

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