Subcommittee E06.11 on Horizontal and Vertical Structures/Structural Performance of Completed Structures

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    E72-15 Standard Test Methods of Conducting Strength Tests of Panels for Building Construction

        See also WK70299 proposed revision

    E73-13 Standard Practice for Static Load Testing of Truss Assemblies

    E196-06(2018) Standard Practice for Gravity Load Testing of Floors and Low Slope Roofs

    E455-19 Standard Test Method for Static Load Testing of Framed Floor or Roof Diaphragm Constructions for Buildings

    E529-04(2018) Standard Guide for Conducting Flexural Tests on Beams and Girders for Building Construction

    E564-06(2018) Standard Practice for Static Load Test for Shear Resistance of Framed Walls for Buildings

    E575-05(2018) Standard Practice for Reporting Data from Structural Tests of Building Constructions, Elements, Connections, and Assemblies

    E661-03(2015)e1 Standard Test Method for Performance of Wood and Wood-Based Floor and Roof Sheathing Under Concentrated Static and Impact Loads

    E695-03(2015)e1 Standard Test Method of Measuring Relative Resistance of Wall, Floor, and Roof Construction to Impact Loading

    E1803-14 Standard Test Methods for Determining Strength Capacities of Structural Insulated Panels

    E2126-19 Standard Test Methods for Cyclic (Reversed) Load Test for Shear Resistance of Vertical Elements of the Lateral Force Resisting Systems for Buildings

        See also WK65985 proposed revision

        See also WK66263 proposed revision

    E2127-01A(2015)e1 Standard Methods of Static Load Test for Combined Tensile and Transverse Load Resistance of Paneled Wall Systems in Building Construction

    E2322-03(2015) Standard Test Method for Conducting Transverse and Concentrated Load Tests on Panels used in Floor and Roof Construction

    E2954-15 Standard Test Method for Axial Compression Test of Reinforced Plastic and Polymer Matrix Composite Vertical Members

        See also WK53606 proposed revision

    E2969-18 Standard Test Methods for Transverse Load Tests on Panels Used in Wall Construction

        See also WK63972 proposed revision

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    WK45359 New Test Method for Test Method to Predict Seismic Performance of Suspended Ceiling Systems by Full-Scale Dynamic Testing

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