Subcommittee D37.04 on Processing and Handling

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    D8196-20 Standard Practice for Determination of Water Activity (aw) in Cannabis Flower

    D8197-21 Standard Specification for Maintaining Acceptable Water Activity (aw) Range (0.55 to 0.65) for Dry Cannabis Flower Intended for Human/Animal Use

        See also WK65477 proposed revision

    D8233-19 Standard Guide for Packaging and Labeling of Consumer Resin Cannabis Products for Sale to Adult Consumers, Legally Authorized Medical Users, and Caregivers in a Business-to-Consumer Retail Environment (Retailers)

    D8245-19 Standard Guide for Disposal of Resin-Containing Cannabis Raw Materials and Downstream Products

    D8342/D8342M-21 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Probability of a Full Length Burn on a Cannabis/Hemp Pre-roll

    D8343/D8343M-21 Standard Practice for Measuring the Physical Properties of Cannabis/Hemp Pre-rolls

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    WK70721 Measuring the Physical Properties of Pre-Rolls

    WK68368 Application of Two Way Humidistatic Control to Meet ASTM Specification D8197 for Cannabis Flower Water Activity (Aw).

    WK68506 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Ignition Strength of Pre-rolls

    WK69257 Design, Construction, Security, and Environmental Control of a Mobile Extraction Unit

    WK76088 Proper At-Home Formulation

    WK73439 Medicinal-Use Cannabis Inflorescence

    WK73764 Process Validation of Cannabis Production

    WK75994 Establishment and Maintenance of Storage Conditions for Packaged Resin Cannabis Product Prior to Distribution or Sale

    WK74143 Resin Cannabis Product Label Content and Style, Format, Location, and Prominence of Elements

    WK74699 Techniques for Lowering Microbial Load in Cannabis/Hemp Raw Materials

    WK75026 2nd Annual ASTM D37 Global Workshop

    WK75247 International Symbol for Identifying Consumer Products Containing Intoxicating Cannabinoids

    WK75419 Classification for Distilled Cannabinoid Extracts of a Cannabis Plant

    WK76138 Environmental Conditions While Packaging Cannabis/Hemp Flowers.

    WK76141 In-Transit Environmental Storage Conditions of Packaged Cannabis/Hemp Flowers

    WK76146 Specification for environmental conditions for post packaged storage and retail merchandising of cannabis flower

    WK76802 Resin Cannabis Product Packages and Containers

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