Subcommittee D30.09 on Sandwich Construction

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    C271/C271M-16 Standard Test Method for Density of Sandwich Core Materials

    C272/C272M-18 Standard Test Method for Water Absorption of Core Materials for Sandwich Constructions

    C273/C273M-19 Standard Test Method for Shear Properties of Sandwich Core Materials

        See also WK66481 proposed revision

    C297/C297M-16 Standard Test Method for Flatwise Tensile Strength of Sandwich Constructions

    C363/C363M-16 Standard Test Method for Node Tensile Strength of Honeycomb Core Materials

    C364/C364M-16 Standard Test Method for Edgewise Compressive Strength of Sandwich Constructions

    C365/C365M-16 Standard Test Method for Flatwise Compressive Properties of Sandwich Cores

    C366/C366M-16 Standard Test Methods for Measurement of Thickness of Sandwich Cores

    C393/C393M-16 Standard Test Method for Core Shear Properties of Sandwich Constructions by Beam Flexure

    C394/C394M-16 Standard Test Method for Shear Fatigue of Sandwich Core Materials

    C480/C480M-16 Standard Test Method for Flexure Creep of Sandwich Constructions

    C481-99(2016) Standard Test Method for Laboratory Aging of Sandwich Constructions

    D6416/D6416M-16 Standard Test Method for Two-Dimensional Flexural Properties of Simply Supported Sandwich Composite Plates Subjected to a Distributed Load

    D6772/D6772M-16 Standard Test Method for Dimensional Stability of Sandwich Core Materials

    D6790/D6790M-16 Standard Test Method for Determining Poisson's Ratio of Honeycomb Cores

    D7249/D7249M-18 Standard Test Method for Facesheet Properties of Sandwich Constructions by Long Beam Flexure

        See also WK66885 proposed revision

    D7250/D7250M-16 Standard Practice for Determining Sandwich Beam Flexural and Shear Stiffness

    D7336/D7336M-16 Standard Test Method for Static Energy Absorption Properties of Honeycomb Sandwich Core Materials

    D7766/D7766M-16 Standard Practice for Damage Resistance Testing of Sandwich Constructions

    D7956/D7956M-16 Standard Practice for Compressive Testing of Thin Damaged Laminates Using a Sandwich Long Beam Flexure Specimen

    D8067/D8067M-17 Standard Test Method for In-Plane Shear Properties of Sandwich Panels Using a Picture Frame Fixture

    F1645/F1645M-16 Standard Test Method for Water Migration in Honeycomb Core Materials

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    WK56166 Peel-Dominated Interfacial Fracture Toughness of Sandwich Constructions

    WK54040 Compressive Residual Strength Properties of Damaged Sandwich Composite Panels

    WK65439 Compressive Properties of Tapered and Stepped Joints of Polymer Matrix Composite Laminates by Sandwich Construction Long Beam Flexure

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    C274-07 Standard Terminology of Structural Sandwich Constructions (Withdrawn 2016)