Subcommittee D30.03 on Constituent/Precursor Properties

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    C613-19 Standard Test Method for Constituent Content of Composite Prepreg by Soxhlet Extraction

    D3529-16(2021) Standard Test Methods for Constituent Content of Composite Prepreg

    D3530-20 Standard Test Method for Volatiles Content of Composite Material Prepreg

    D3531/D3531M-16 Standard Test Method for Resin Flow of Carbon Fiber-Epoxy Prepreg

        See also WK75638 proposed revision

    D3532/D3532M-19 Standard Test Method for Gel Time of Carbon Fiber-Epoxy Prepreg

    D3800-16 Standard Test Method for Density of High-Modulus Fibers

        See also WK75988 proposed revision

    D4018-17 Standard Test Methods for Properties of Continuous Filament Carbon and Graphite Fiber Tows

    D4102-82(2015) Standard Test Method for Thermal Oxidative Resistance of Carbon Fibers

        See also WK67487 proposed revision

    D7750-12(2017) Standard Test Method for Cure Behavior of Thermosetting Resins by Dynamic Mechanical Procedures using an Encapsulated Specimen Rheometer

    D8132/D8132M-17 Standard Test Method for Determination of Prepreg Impregnation by Permeability Measurement

    D8336-21 Standard Test Method for Characterizing Tack of Prepregs Using a Continuous Application-and-Peel Procedure

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    WK70428 Prepreg Tack Using Rolling Resistance

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    D5300-93 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Resin Content and Other Related Properties of Polymer Matrix Thermoset Prepreg by Combined Mechanical and Ultrasonic Methods (Withdrawn 2000)