Subcommittee D19.04 on Methods of Radiochemical Analysis

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    D1890-15 Standard Test Method for Beta Particle Radioactivity of Water 

    D1943-05(2012) Standard Test Method for Alpha Particle Radioactivity of Water 

    D2460-07(2013) Standard Test Method for Alpha-Particle-Emitting Isotopes of Radium in Water

    D3084-05(2012) Standard Practice for Alpha-Particle Spectrometry of Water

    D3454-11 Standard Test Method for Radium-226 in Water

    D3648-14 Standard Practices for the Measurement of Radioactivity

    D3649-06(2014) Standard Practice for High-Resolution Gamma-Ray Spectrometry of Water

    D3865-09(2015) Standard Test Method for Plutonium in Water

    D3972-09(2015) Standard Test Method for Isotopic Uranium in Water by Radiochemistry

    D4107-08(2013) Standard Test Method for Tritium in Drinking Water

    D4785-08(2013)e1 Standard Test Method for Low-Level Analysis of Iodine Radioisotopes in Water

    D4922-09(2016)e1 Standard Test Method for Determination of Radioactive Iron in Water

    D4962-02(2009) Standard Practice for NaI(Tl) Gamma-Ray Spectrometry of Water

        See also WK59911 proposed revision

    D5072-09(2016) Standard Test Method for Radon in Drinking Water

    D5174-07(2013) Standard Test Method for Trace Uranium in Water by Pulsed-Laser Phosphorimetry

    D5411-10(2015) Standard Practice for Calculation of Average Energy Per Disintegration (¯E) for a Mixture of Radionuclides in Reactor Coolant

    D5811-08(2013) Standard Test Method for Strontium-90 in Water

    D6239-09(2015) Standard Test Method for Uranium in Drinking Water by High-Resolution Alpha-Liquid-Scintillation Spectrometry

    D7168-16 Standard Test Method for 99Tc in Water by Solid Phase Extraction Disk

    D7282-14 Standard Practice for Set-up, Calibration, and Quality Control of Instruments Used for Radioactivity Measurements

    D7283-17 Standard Test Method for Alpha and Beta Activity in Water By Liquid Scintillation Counting

        See also WK56949 proposed revision

    D7316-14 Standard Guide for Interpretation of Existing Field Instrumentation to Influence Emergency Response Decisions

    D7362-14 Standard Guide for Rapid Screening of Vegetation for Radioactive Strontium Aerial Deposition

    D7535-09(2015) Standard Test Method for Lead-210 in Water

    D7727-11(2016) Standard Practice for Calculation of Dose Equivalent Xenon (DEX) for Radioactive Xenon Fission Products in Reactor Coolant

    D7784-12 Standard Practice for the Rapid Assessment of Gamma-ray Emitting Radionuclides in Environmental Media by Gamma Spectrometry

    D7902-16 Standard Terminology for Radiochemical Analyses

        See also WK56260 proposed revision

        See also WK56973 proposed revision

        See also WK58360 proposed revision

    D7938-15 Standard Practice for Sampling of C-14 in Gaseous Effluents

    D7939-15 Standard Test Method for Rapid Radiochemical Determination of Americium-241 in Water

    D8026-16 Standard Practice for Determination of Tc-99 in Water by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)

    D8027-17 Standard Practice for Concentration of Select Radionuclides Using MnO2 for Measurement Purposes

        See also WK56928 proposed revision

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    WK23397 New Test Method for Standard Test Method for Determination of Strontium-89 and Strontium-90 in Water by erenkov Counting

    WK27986 New Guide for Rapid Screening of Human Urine for Sr-90 Contamination

    WK37951 New Specification for Work Item to track status on D19.04 items.

    WK56264 Evaluating and Expressing the Uncertainty of Radiochemical Measurements

    WK60567 Rapid Radiochemical Determination of Plutonium-238 and Plutonium-239/240 in Water

    WK60568 Rapid Radiochemical Determination of Alpha-Emitting Uranium Isotopes in Water

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    D2907-97 Standard Test Methods for Microquantities of Uranium in Water by Fluorometry (Withdrawn 2003)