Subcommittee D19.04 on Methods of Radiochemical Analysis

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    D1890-15(2017) Standard Test Method for Beta Particle Radioactivity of Water

    D1943-20 Standard Test Method for Alpha Particle Radioactivity of Water 

    D2460-07(2013) Standard Test Method for Alpha-Particle-Emitting Isotopes of Radium in Water

    D3084-20 Standard Practice for Alpha-Particle Spectrometry of Water

    D3454-18 Standard Test Method for Radium-226 in Water 

        See also WK66230 proposed revision

    D3648-14 Standard Practices for the Measurement of Radioactivity

    D3649-06(2014) Standard Practice for High-Resolution Gamma-Ray Spectrometry of Water

    D3865-09(2015) Standard Test Method for Plutonium in Water

    D3972-09(2015) Standard Test Method for Isotopic Uranium in Water by Radiochemistry

    D4107-20 Standard Test Method for Tritium in Drinking Water

    D4785-20 Standard Test Method for Low-Level Analysis of Iodine Radioisotopes in Water

    D4922-09(2016)e1 Standard Test Method for Determination of Radioactive Iron in Water

        See also WK62097 proposed revision

        See also WK77418 proposed revision

    D4962-18 Standard Practice for NaI(Tl) Gamma-Ray Spectrometry of Water

    D5072-09(2016) Standard Test Method for Radon in Drinking Water

    D5174-07(2013) Standard Test Method for Trace Uranium in Water by Pulsed-Laser Phosphorimetry

    D5411-10(2015) Standard Practice for Calculation of Average Energy Per Disintegration (¯E) for a Mixture of Radionuclides in Reactor Coolant

        See also WK77420 proposed revision

    D5811-20 Standard Test Method for Strontium-90 in Water

    D6239-09(2015) Standard Test Method for Uranium in Drinking Water by High-Resolution Alpha-Liquid-Scintillation Spectrometry

    D7168-16 Standard Test Method for 99Tc in Water by Solid Phase Extraction Disk

        See also WK77428 proposed revision

    D7282-14 Standard Practice for Set-up, Calibration, and Quality Control of Instruments Used for Radioactivity Measurements

        See also WK69585 proposed revision

    D7283-17 Standard Test Method for Alpha and Beta Activity in Water By Liquid Scintillation Counting

    D7316-14 Standard Guide for Interpretation of Existing Field Instrumentation to Influence Emergency Response Decisions

    D7362-14 Standard Guide for Rapid Screening of Vegetation for Radioactive Strontium Aerial Deposition

    D7535-09(2015) Standard Test Method for Lead-210 in Water

    D7727-11(2016) Standard Practice for Calculation of Dose Equivalent Xenon (DEX) for Radioactive Xenon Fission Products in Reactor Coolant

        See also WK77422 proposed revision

    D7784-20 Standard Practice for the Rapid Assessment of Gamma-ray Emitting Radionuclides in Environmental Media by Gamma Spectrometry

    D7902-20 Standard Terminology for Radiochemical Analyses

    D7938-15 Standard Practice for Sampling of C-14 in Gaseous Effluents

        See also WK77421 proposed revision

    D7939-15 Standard Test Method for Rapid Radiochemical Determination of Americium-241 in Water

    D8026-16 Standard Practice for Determination of Tc-99 in Water by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)

    D8027-17 Standard Practice for Concentration of Select Radionuclides Using MnO2 for Measurement Purposes

    D8293-19 Standard Guide for Evaluating and Expressing the Uncertainty of Radiochemical Measurements

        See also WK75335 proposed revision

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    WK23397 New Test Method for Standard Test Method for Determination of Strontium-89 and Strontium-90 in Water by erenkov Counting

    WK27986 New Guide for Rapid Screening of Human Urine for Sr-90 Contamination

    WK60567 Rapid Radiochemical Determination of Plutonium-238 and Plutonium-239/240 in Water

    WK60568 Rapid Radiochemical Determination of Alpha-Emitting Uranium Isotopes in Water

    WK62340 Polonium-210 in Water

    WK63465 Rapid Sequential Alpha Spectrometric Determination of Isotopes of Americium, Curium, Plutonium, and Uranium in Environmental Water Samples

    WK66300 Reports of Radioanalytical Laboratory Measurements

    WK68232 Rapid Radiochemical Determination of Thorium Isotopes in Water

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    D2907-97 Standard Test Methods for Microquantities of Uranium in Water by Fluorometry (Withdrawn 2003)