Subcommittee D18.09 on Cyclic and Dynamic Properties of Soils

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    D3999/D3999M-11e1 Standard Test Methods for the Determination of the Modulus and Damping Properties of Soils Using the Cyclic Triaxial Apparatus

        See also WK54477 proposed revision

    D4015-15e1 Standard Test Methods for Modulus and Damping of Soils by Fixed-Base Resonant Column Devices

    D4428/D4428M-14 Standard Test Methods for Crosshole Seismic Testing

        See also WK68497 proposed revision

    D5311/D5311M-13 Standard Test Method for Load Controlled Cyclic Triaxial Strength of Soil

        See also WK66735 proposed revision

    D7400/D7400M-19 Standard Test Methods for Downhole Seismic Testing

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    WK60969 Determination of Shear Wave Velocity and Initial Shear Modulus in Soil Specimens Using Bender Elements

    WK64145 Consolidated Undrained Cyclic Direct Simple Shear Test under Constant Volume with Load Control or Displacement Control

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